When we’re out and about working, whether that’s an outside broadcast, or just working on marketing events, we need to have the ability to show off the sound of the radio to passers by. That means we need a way to broadcast programming whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling. We do that using the same pieces of kit that builders use as they work.

You can see some of the best ones on the market at jobsiteradioreviews.website. Our preferred choice matches those that you’ll see in those reviews, the DMR104 by Makitahttp://www.jobsiteradioreviews.website/makita-dmr104-dab/. What’s brilliant about this particular radio is that the DMR104 works with both DAB digital radio and traditional FM stereo broadcasts. That helps us to demonstrate the massive improvement in quality offered by digital radio, to help us convince listeners to make the switch. You can see more on the DMR104 here: