Twenty five years ago, there was a belief that radio was a dying medium, yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Digital radio has been a very slow technology to reach mass adoption, but the day has finally come, and there is even talk of the older AM wavebands, short wave, medium wave and long wave and even FM stations being turned off. DAB radios offer much more room for more choice, with the potential to simultaneously deliver hundreds of stations simultaneously in a give region. Previously, some areas were lucky to get into double figures.

This resurgence began in the nineties, with a new youth radio following. That was thanks in no small part to a golden age of popular DJs on the ever famous Radio 1, most notably Chris Evans and Chris Moyles, who are still today carrying a huge clout in the battle for listeners. The latter is demonstrating just how far DAB has come, with the majority of the UK only able to access his show on digital radio or online.

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